Brand ambassadorship

Act as a brand ambassador / influencer for entrepreneurs or companies, for example via the daily show on Radio WildFM, via other broadcasts, in real-life or via social media (massive and diverse networks).

Every weekday, Dina-Perla acts as a brand ambassador via Radio WildFM. Tune in at approximately 17:10, in the program of radio anchor Barry Brand. Dina-Perla elaborates on the most beautiful brand stories, interchanged with the pep talk of the day, including stories on personal growth.

Do reach out to hear more about the possibilities via +31646327728 and Looking forward to it. Samples of those items can be found via this page. Do subscribe to the channel and follow the work via Twitter and LinkedIn.

WILD FM Hitradio has national coverage in the Netherlands and can be listened to all over the world via the website. It has a large following in the Randstad. The listeners live, work or study in ‘Greater Amsterdam’, Noord-Holland or Flevoland. They are between 18-49 years old (mainly 18-25 and 30-35). 56% are women and 44% are men. The listeners generally have a high disposable income. More via the website.